Marine Cuisine - 4 Lbs

Marine Cuisine - 4 Lbs

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Sea Food For your Garden - Especially for Vegetables and FlowersMarine Cuisine is a powerful blend of balanced plant foods combined with Pacific Northwest sea-going fish, crab meal, shrimp meal, bat guano, and plenty of our own earthworm castings - natures finest soil amendment. This all-purpose fertilizer is biologically active and will help encourage large populations of soil microbes which facilitate nutritional uptake by plants. Marine Cuisine is fast acting and delivers slow release feedings over time. It is an ideal fertilizer for flower and vegetable gardens, ornamental trees and shrubs, fruit trees, roses, container plants and lawns. When used as directed this fertilizer will help to increase bud set and flower size, as well as enhance the flavor and fragrance of fruit and flowering plants.Guaranteed Analysis:TOTAL Nitrogen N..................10.0% 3.18% Ammoniacal Nitrogen 0.02% Nitrate Nitrogen 3.90% Water Soluble Nitrogen 2.90% Water Insoluble NitrogenAVAILABLE PHOSPHATE P205...7.0%SOLUBLE POTASH K20...........7.0%Calcium Ca4.34%Magnesium Mg 0.50%Sulfur S 5.80%Boron B 0.03%Chlorine Cl 3.75%Copper Cu 0.05%Iron Fe 1.91% Manganese Mn 0.05%Sodium Na 0.46%Zinc Zn 0.12% Derived from: Cottonseed Meal, Blood Meal, Earthworm Castings, Fish Meal, Shrimp Meal, Crab Meal, Bat Guano, Seabird Guano Kelp Meal, Urea, Ammonium sulphate, Calcium Nitrate, Ammonium Phosphate, Treble Phosphate, Potassium Sulphate, Potassium Chloride, Ferrous Sulphate, Iron Sucrate, Manganese SucrateUse at a rate of 1 tbs per gallon of soil or 2 cups per 50 feet of row.


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